Sunday hike @ Oswald West State Park

After much debate over a coffee at Starbucks in re which hike to tackle, we finally headed west towards Cannon Beach in a chilly drizzle with a plan to hike in Oswald West State Park – from the beach at Short Sand to the peak of Mt Neahkanhie.  We believe we’ve done the hike from this same beach to Cape Falcon before, possibly the first trip we made to Oregon in 2010.

The light rain abated fairly soon into the hike, but the steady climb did not!  What turned out to be only @ 4.5 miles to the summit, felt like 10.  The old growth forest was indeed beautiful and the views from the overlooks and peak were worth the effort!  We found a perch at the rather crowded peak and had our wraps and some cherries before heading back down.  The hike down went remarkably fast.  We stopped off at the beach to soak our fatigued feet in the chilly pacific, before heading back to the car for the drive home.

Home, showered and hungry – we head out for the Muddy Rudder, but only make it as far as Reverend’s BBQ.  Still not sure what the fascination is with this restaurant, but we do find it to be good for comfort food + the service is great and the atmosphere always lively!  Maybe that IS the draw – certainly worked for us.

Ended the night with a lovely bottle of Colene Clemens 2014 Rose and some mindless television while we massaged our feet and legs hoping to be in good shape to enjoy our day off – Memorial Day.





Wine Thursday?

Okay, so that doesn’t really have the same ring to it as the more alliterative Wine Wednesday, but nonetheless, that’s what it was..   After wrapping up a day’s work, it was so nice to sit in front of the fire, read, and enjoy a glass of 2008 Ridge Lytton Estate Syrah.

Roasted carrots, asparagus, and parmesan mashed potatoes made for a hearty vege dinner with an 2012 Alexana – Single Clone/Pommard – pinot and Quin salted caramels for desert.

One more work day this week and then we’ll be ready for a relaxing, but active, holiday weekend..

Dinner in Woodstock, eventually..

Work, awesome coffee at Either/Or (, more work, Asparagus Potato quiche for lunch, more work, walk over to the farmers market (pencil thin asparagus – yum! – and duck eggs for Brandi), more work..  You get the picture..

Decided to get out of the house for dinner – what to do??  Pok Pok? Food Trucks? Or…  Woodstock Wine & Deli!  Take the 19, walk in the door and…  Wah-wahhh..  They’re closing in 30 min for a private event.  We stayed long enough to peruse the wine inventory and found it acceptable – no worries, we’ll be back!  So we go wandering down Woodstock in search of our next victim – Nudi?  been there.  Dick’s Primal?  been there.  Other restaurants – look good, but nothing compelling..  Walk, walk, walk on down to the end of town and then see a review of Bridge City Pizza – bingo!  And then no-bingo – while there were stools and a small counter, this is clearly delivery.  And we’re walking..  Next stop:  Mezza.  Not what we set out for – a deli sandwich! – and not what we expected, but we said yes and it was quite delicious!  At first I was put off by the sweet/honey on the salad, but was ultimately won over.  I had the duck confit and Paul went with the lamb.  Good portions, not too overwhelming..  Tried a little French Malbec – fairly good at a reasonable price of $27.

Wandered back through Woodstock assuming we’d catch the 19 to go home, but got distracted by Cloud City ice cream..  A little much on top of a rich dinner, but what the heck!   The ice cream was as good as we’d heard with interesting flavors – minus the lines of Salt and Straw + the option of a sugar cone..

Thanks to slower bus service given the time of day, we ended up walking the 2 miles home..  Not entirely a bad thing!


Saturday around town..

Added to the garden..  We had missed starting sugar snap peas from seeds in Feb, but we found some starts at a nursery and decided to put them in anyway – better late than never!  We also got some strawberry plants for the planter boxes – they say they’ll yeild until October, so that should be fun!

Went to Gramma’s Corner in Milwakie for breakfast based on pretty high Yelp review..  Hmmmm.  Not likely to do that again.  Wasn’t bad, just wasn’t anything special either – like an iHop.  Next time we’ll go with option B – “B” for Bob’s Red Mill!

Took a walk and did the loop trail around the rookery to get our steps in..  Saw where they’d added the final spans to the Sellwood bridge.  Won’t be long before they start taking down the old structure.  Stopped in the The Bottle Shop for a sip and a snack..  Enjoyed a bottle of Lady Hill Winery, Freedom Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir (2013).  Quite good and a good value @ $20!

Our neighborhood is so awesome!!

Had a crockpot of chili going most of the day which came out really well:

Onion, bell peppers, garlic, 3 cans of beans – black, pinto, kidney, small can of chilis, soyrizo (browned), box of crushed tomatos, box of beef broth.  Seasoned with cayenne, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, smoked paprika, black pepper.  Let that cook for @ 3 hrs.  Then added potatoes, tomato paste, mexican oregano, a little sugar and salt.  Similar to the recipe on Epicurious for 2-bean and vegetable chili..  Top with some cheddar and sour cream – delish!