A day at the beach..

Jerry, Paul, Jim, Missy, and the kids loaded up in the Kia van and headed off for a day at the beach!  Despite the cold Pacific, the kids managed to get soaked and have fun anyway..

Dinner was a pepperoni pizza and the plainest cheese bread imaginable from Pizzicato, with an assortment of leftovers and Sour Flush Plungers for the kids compliments of Jerry.  If we start to have ant problems, I know who I’m coming after!!        candy

New Furnace – Day 1

Busy work day, but still found time to take a lap around the rookery and enjoy the sunny afternoon!  After doing a lot of cooking and eating at home, we decided to give ourselves a break and headed for some stromboli at the Muddy Rudder.

Swung by the Sellwood Bridge to see how the deconstruction is coming along and it seems like there’s just one span of the old bridge left to remove – and it’s positioned over the barge to be lowered.  Still a lot of work to do!



Let the harvest begin!

Well, continue in the case of lettuce..  We have LOTS of lettuce!  So much that we can pick a salad pretty much every day this week!!  Our first patty pan squash was ready, so now we just need a few more and that’ll be a great side dish.  The kousa are showin up, the beans are flowering, the pepper are all producing!  Another few weeks and we’ll be rolling in our own home-grown produce!

Weekend in Vegas

American Ninja Warrior!  yes, that is what prompted the quick weekend trip to Vegas, and it was definitely cool to see live!   We saw stage 2 of the world champions (US vs Japan vs EU) 

The weekend was also filled with good times with Fernado and Chip.   Fernando whipped up some Chili Verde that was worth the flight all by itself!  (Chip’s tortilini was also quite tasty)

Next trip, Oct 3rd weekend.  Question is, are we coming for chili verde, birthday party, wedding or all three?