Closed on Monday’s :-(

At least 3 adults knew the plan was to go to the Oaks Bottom Park on Monday.  And we’re 0 for 3 in number of adults who bothered to look at the days of operation on the park web site.  Drat.

 Luckily when the happy wanderers returned from their sojourn to Vancouver (BC) and Seattle, they were happy to just walk down to Sellwood Park for live music (Edna Vazquez – velvety, Latin pop with folkloric roots) and a hotdog..  Enjoyed skipping some stones on the Willamette, picking blackberries on the way home, and hearing tales of the bridge project.

Monday, Monday..

Launching into another busy work week and enjoying the cooler temperatures..

Had our second harvest from our lettuce plants..  So satisfying to just walk out into the yard and come back with enough lettuce for a good-sized dinner salad!

Tried a new interval training technique at the gym, using the preset on the treadmill.  I’m really hoping to boost my metabolism, burn calories, and drop these 5+ pounds I seem to have picked up since the beginning of the year – grrr, getting older sucks.  🙁

Lather, rinse, repeat..

Another day of work, walking, exercise..   Picked up a Bowery bagel from Either/Or when we got coffee this morning, but it just isn’t the same as when we’d go to Sound Grounds..  🙁

Treated ourselves to a lovely glass of wine and a snack at Buttercraft, compliments of Dave and Natalie King!  We tried their mini-sandwiches, sampled several of their house-made butters, and used the remainder of the gift card to get a few treats for later.   Also had one of our favs for dinner –  Garden Burger’s Chipotle Black Bean burger with Sriracha cheddar melted on top!

Started watching a new series, Nurse Jackie.  Edie Falco is amazing in this role.  Scary for sure, but what an amazing character!  Looking forward to how it develops over the next 7 seasons.  Another week + a day and we can start season 4 of Orange is the new Black – yea!


Just do it!

We’re struggling with the idea of joining a gym.  Again.  Luckily there are two to choose from right in our neighborhood – EcoPower (very minimalist) or SNAP Fitness.  I’m leaning towards the minimal, closer, EcoPower – I really just need the pressure of knowing I’m paying for it to make me go occasionally AND I can practically throw a rock from my front porch and hit it.  “Inconvenient location” will NOT be a valid excuse – key word being valid.  We’re getting our steps in, but need to add some weights and cardio if we’re going to blaze thru the next decade in good health!  We are in the land of Nike, guess we better “just do it”!!