Sun and Surf on Ocean Drive

Walked up to Beach Dreams for coffee and had marginally better success than the day before when we gave up and left.  It took 7 follow up questions, one completely misunderstood order, and an overcharge to get us out in @ 30 minutes.  Good thing the coffee is tasty!

After a busy work day, we enjoyed a stroll on the beach and a swim in the Atlantic.  The water was a bit rough, with a pronounced current pushing us south, but still great fun and good exercise!

Georgio’s pizza for dinner hit the spot – so nice to find green olives on the toppings list!

Salt Life

Rolled into Myrtle Beach around 11.  Got to the townhouse, settled in for a few minutes and then headed straight to Bugerfi!  Hit the grocery store to pick up some provisions for the week – lots of salads and tomato sandwiches in our future..  🙂

Took a long walk down the beach in the afternoon, toes in the sand and surf..

Farmer’s Market and Fleet Week

Headed down to the PSU farmers market this morning to see what’s starting to come available.  Our local market is still a bit limited, though we hope that will get better as the summer goes on.  Lots of yummy food stands and berries and live music – quite a scene!  I picked up some smoked salmon too.  Its so easy to get there on the Orange Line, I’m sure we’ll be regulars this summer to supplement what our own garden is producing..

We walked down to the waterfront park and watched the dragon boat races + saw some of the military ships that were in for fleet week.

Tried a new restaurant in downtown, The Picnic House.  We were looking for something light and it fit the bill..

Lather, rinse, repeat..

Another day of work, walking, exercise..   Picked up a Bowery bagel from Either/Or when we got coffee this morning, but it just isn’t the same as when we’d go to Sound Grounds..  🙁

Treated ourselves to a lovely glass of wine and a snack at Buttercraft, compliments of Dave and Natalie King!  We tried their mini-sandwiches, sampled several of their house-made butters, and used the remainder of the gift card to get a few treats for later.   Also had one of our favs for dinner –  Garden Burger’s Chipotle Black Bean burger with Sriracha cheddar melted on top!

Started watching a new series, Nurse Jackie.  Edie Falco is amazing in this role.  Scary for sure, but what an amazing character!  Looking forward to how it develops over the next 7 seasons.  Another week + a day and we can start season 4 of Orange is the new Black – yea!


Fish and Chips

After hearing such good things on Nextdoor and from the neighbors, we finally gave Big Ben’s ( a try.  Not only was it excellent fish and chips, but quite a value too!  The only way it would have been better is if we could have gotten a pint to go with it – rather than after the fact at the Muddy Rudder.  🙂

We’re both doing a fantastic job sticking to our 10-day exercise commitment and Paul is killing the step challenge!

The weather is finally starting to settle down – looking forward to the end of the week with the highs in the 70’s again..