Chili nights

Prep work continued on the basement walls and other wiring required to be ready for the furnace and tankless water heater install.  I immersed myself in the domestic bliss of laundry and other various chores.

Dinner was the (mostly) vege chili I’d made yesterday – not sure what I was thinking bringing that bag of Frito’s into the house!!  LOL!  They didn’t stand a chance!

Planning for our trip to Provence continues – we’ve secured a apartment in Aix-en-Provence ( for about a week and then one in Marseilles for the final weekend (  Tres excitant!


Wine (rack) Wednesday

To get the new furnace, we have to get rid of the old furnace and patch the wall behind it.  To patch the wall, we have to take down the shelves.  To take down the shelves, we have to move all of the boxed wine over to the other side of the basement near the wine rack.  So what better time to unbox all of the wine and get it on the rack in its temporary home!  Not inventoried, but at least organized and accessible!  🙂


Went on a shopping spree at the local farmers market today – tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, snap peas, berries, broccoli, and beans!  The plan was for a vege dinner, but we settled for tomato sandwiches.  I can’t wait for that to be tomatoes from our garden!

I’m wilting… wilting..

Ah, the mournful cry of the lettuce left in the sun..

Day 2 of the heat wave inspired a trip to Lamps Plus for a ceiling fan (quiet, stylish, and on sale!) for our bedroom.  We’re managing to keep the upstairs reasonably comfortable and the main level only got to the upper 70s as we hit peak heat yesterday.  It’s really difficult to distribute the cool air from the window unit to the various rooms so now we’re also using the portable A/C unit, in addition to an assortment of fans.  Assuming we don’t need electricity for anything else in the house, we should be good!

Stopped in Multnomah Village on the way home for a bite to eat and found the delightful Down to Earth cafe.

A trip to Blue Kangaroo ( for coffee this morning resolved two issues – well, three if you count getting coffee, which was why we even went to begin with!  We’ve been looking for unique hooks to hang our bath robes AND have been thinking it would be nice to have a memento from the recently replaced 1925-vintage Sellwood Bridge.  Voila!  They collected rebar from the old bridge and Oaks Bottom Forge ( has fashioned it into hooks and bottle openers!  Two birds, one stone.   As an added bonus, proceeds from the sale of various bridge-related memorabilia is going to support the local middle school.  It’s art and history and charity – win, win, win!

Memorial Day 2016

Started our day off well with a delicious breakfast at Fat Albert’s.  Had not previously tried the vege eggs benedict – though technically there’s some debate about this as Paul seems to think he has tried it before, though can’t pinpoint when that was – but will certainly be looking for it on the special’s board going forward!  Yum yum!

The rest of the day was spent in project mode – me painting the front door and Paul working on the trellis for the roses..  In between, there were numerous trips to the hardware stores – both True Value (3) and Home Depot (1).

Our plans for raclette were deferred to Tuesday and we went with the easier, less labor intensive, choice of gnocchi, salad, and crusty baguette..

Toast is the most!

Kicked off our Saturday back in Woodstock at a new brunch spot, Toast (  Happy to report that it was delicious!!  Instant new fav – Paul got the Bad Ass Sandwich and I went for the pork belly in The Belly is Cast.  Soooo good and so many menu items yet to try!

From there we walked back into town and browsed around New Season’s and Ace Hardware’s surprisingly extensive garden center.  Put a pin in several items to come back for later and walked back towards Sellwood, dipping in to wander the lovely Reed College campus.  We took a stroll thru the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden (, seeing the potential, if not the actual flowers in bloom.  Note to selves – get here during peak!  The lake and garden and springs were all very lovely and peaceful.

After getting home we drove back to Woodstock where we picked up a box of miscellaneous herbs for the front bed and the fixings for our hike snacks – ham and brie wraps with dijon, arugula, and cornichon; apples and cherries.   Came home and started our various projects – Paul’s building trellis’s for the roses on the side of the house, I painted the white trim around the front door where the security gate had left holes and discoloration and then planted the herb garden.  I don’t know if it’s the sun, the dirt, or what, but everything is growing a blooming!  Fingers crossed for an awesome harvest!!

Dinner was a simple Papa Murphy’s pepperoni and green olive pizza and we prepped our hike snacks while it cooked.

TGIF! Memorial Weekend 2016

Started the day working hard and then treated ourselves with coffee and scones from Either/Or.  More work, then tried the Taqueria Luna food truck ( burritos for lunch – both bean/cheese and breakfast get two thumbs up!  Looking forward to getting the long weekend started!

We’re officially one step closer to some major upgrade work to the house!  Yea!

We have signed a contract for a roofer ( and we’re on the schedule for later this fall @ November.  That should give us plenty of time to explore options in re the skylight and possibly do the demo and install ourselves!  And by ourselves, I mean Paul!  🙂   Now we can go ahead and commit to the furnace/hot water heater and get on their schedule as well.

Relaxed on the deck with a lovely Melville Chardonnay, followed by a simple quiche and salad dinner.


Sunday hike up to Riverview Cemetery

Looked at the forecast this morning and it seemed like it might start raining @ 11, so we decided to head out and get our steps in early.  Headed to Starbucks and then across the Sellwood bridge toward Willamette Park via Zupan’s, but decided to explore the area directly across from the west end of the bridge.  It turned out to be the entrance to the Riverview Cemetary.  Based on the number of runners and cyclists we saw, we decided there wasn’t any problem just following the road up and into the cemetery.  Made for a good length hike on a paved road thru the peaceful cemetary + lots of hills to get your heart going!  We followed the marked bike path and eventually came out on Taylor’s Ferry road.  We made our way down to Zupan’s and on home..

One project we’d considered for a while is now checked off the list!  We moved the clothes racks with counter top down from my office to the space next to the washer/dryer where is will serve as a laundry station.  It fits perfectly!  We also did some cleanup and Paul pulled a lot of nails out of the joists..  The basement has sooo much potential!

While there has been some rain, its been cut with bursts of sunshine as well – so typical Portland weather.  🙂  I’m enjoying the fire and a chai while I do some travel research..  got to get that b-day trip nailed down!!