Two-tomato Quiche

Not that there are 2 tomatoes in it, but rather two types of tomato – both from our garden. Onion, spinach, feta, and early girl and chocolate cherry tomatoes on top.

More planning for our trip to southern France – we have an all-day private winery tour and then 2-day city passes to explore Aix and the surrounding area.  There have been wildfires near Marseilles this week, so hopeful that’s not an issue by the time we get there.  Looking forward to an adventure!

City Pass:

Wine Tour:

Luberon Villages Tour:


Winding down beach side @ Coconuts

Enjoyed a late lunch of pizza and subs at Georgio’s.  Ready to buckle down and push through to 5 o’clock!

After a busy work day for all of us, we took a head-clearing walk up the beach about half way to the pier and then found our way back to Coconuts Tiki bar for a wind down with a cooling beverage.

Caught the tail end of the Thursday night concert with a little “Happy” and “Uptown Funk” – nice seeing the new permanent bandstand in use and the fact that they’ve disallowed golf carts in front of the stage, allowing more seating area.

Lounged and relaxed the remainder of the evening with a viewing of the classic “Jurassic Park”.


Cherry Grove Pier

Finally made it all the way to the Cherry Grove Pier via the beach – Paul running, me walking.  We were going to go out on the pier, but decided to skip the $2 entrance fee and wait until Monday night when we can see the full moon rising..

Celebrated Father’s Day with a fried flounder lunch at Hoskin’s – so delicious!!  Green beans, squash casserole, and coconut cake!  We plan to repeat that several times over the week.

Had a relaxing happy hour at the International Cafe and then home for a dinner of tomato sandwiches with some of the best beefsteak tomatoes we’ve had all season..

Tryon Creek State Park

Tried out what we thought was a new park, only to realize by looking at MotionX that we’d hiked there before!  Once we looked around, the nature center and other features started to look familiar, but going in we had no idea!  It was beautiful and had lots of winding trails with ups and downs..  Good for hiking and good for Paul to do some trail running.  Even without the dramatic waterfalls, it will be a good place to take or send visitors with a range of abilities.  Plus the nature center is really nice!

Tryon Creek State Park

Afterwards, we picked up a few items at Market of Choice.  A really nice little market somewhere on the scale between Zupan’s and Trader Joe’s.  I’m sure we’ll check in periodically – especially if we happen to be in that area in a car.

We ended the day with some baking – I made a quiche and Paul made an amazing sour cherry pie from the fresh cherries off of the neighbor’s tree.  The house smelled amazing and the pie was delicious!

Farmer’s Market and Fleet Week

Headed down to the PSU farmers market this morning to see what’s starting to come available.  Our local market is still a bit limited, though we hope that will get better as the summer goes on.  Lots of yummy food stands and berries and live music – quite a scene!  I picked up some smoked salmon too.  Its so easy to get there on the Orange Line, I’m sure we’ll be regulars this summer to supplement what our own garden is producing..

We walked down to the waterfront park and watched the dragon boat races + saw some of the military ships that were in for fleet week.

Tried a new restaurant in downtown, The Picnic House.  We were looking for something light and it fit the bill..

Lather, rinse, repeat..

Another day of work, walking, exercise..   Picked up a Bowery bagel from Either/Or when we got coffee this morning, but it just isn’t the same as when we’d go to Sound Grounds..  🙁

Treated ourselves to a lovely glass of wine and a snack at Buttercraft, compliments of Dave and Natalie King!  We tried their mini-sandwiches, sampled several of their house-made butters, and used the remainder of the gift card to get a few treats for later.   Also had one of our favs for dinner –  Garden Burger’s Chipotle Black Bean burger with Sriracha cheddar melted on top!

Started watching a new series, Nurse Jackie.  Edie Falco is amazing in this role.  Scary for sure, but what an amazing character!  Looking forward to how it develops over the next 7 seasons.  Another week + a day and we can start season 4 of Orange is the new Black – yea!


Fish and Chips

After hearing such good things on Nextdoor and from the neighbors, we finally gave Big Ben’s ( a try.  Not only was it excellent fish and chips, but quite a value too!  The only way it would have been better is if we could have gotten a pint to go with it – rather than after the fact at the Muddy Rudder.  🙂

We’re both doing a fantastic job sticking to our 10-day exercise commitment and Paul is killing the step challenge!

The weather is finally starting to settle down – looking forward to the end of the week with the highs in the 70’s again..

The 10-day Challenge is on!

Successfully completed day two of the 10-day challenge issued to myself – track all food/beverage – keep close to calorie/protein target; get my 10k steps and 15 stairs; do a more intense cardio and core workout.  Trying to focus on just the 10 days.  If that’s successful, then we’ll see what’s next!

Another hot day, but our skills at managing the cooling capability we have are improving.  Will be happy to see the end of this heat wave!

Finished the day with a crisp salad and baked chicken from the market.  Paul had picked up a new rose for us to try from Adelsheim 2015 –

Whoa Nelly!  It’s gettin’ hot in herre..

Wrapped up the week with our pilates and personal training sessions, then got all dolled up for a night on the town to celebrate our 7 year anniversary!  In this scenario, “dolled” meant a skirt for me and a guayabera shirt for Paul – but this is Portland, so that qualifies as fancy dress..  Headed out for Oregon Wines on Broadway where we chatted with Donnay and enjoyed the rose flight, then took the street car north to The Bent Brick ( for dinner.  The country ham board was delish – as was everything else we ordered, though the pork loin was the ultimate winner.

Created a FB post, with what I felt was an appropriate quote from Henry Miller, to mark the occasion – because that’s how we roll in the digital age..

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.  7 years, 5 continents, 16 countries, 30 states and still so much more to see..

Challenge:  At 10 years, could we have all 7 continents, 25 countries, and all 50 states??

While today was warm, we’re really bracing for the days ahead with the temps will get up to and over 100.  Yikes!!