King’s Landing and the Red Keep

Started the day with breakfast at a cafe in one of the many squares off of the Main Street. There was a farmers market, though mainly it was touristy stuff, like the candies orange peel – so delicious!!

Spent the rest of the day tramping around the city looking at gorgeous views and the various shoot locations for Game of Thrones.

Cold beer with a spectacular view at Buza – watching the sea and the cliff jumpers. Then dinner at Stars Loza – ridiculous grilled bread with an assortments of butters and fish entrees, tuna and sea bass.

Day 1 in Croatia

We made it to Dubrovnik @ 8, but sadly our luggage did not. After filing the appropriate paperwork with the airline, we headed on to the Celenga Apartment. Some confusion later – directional, GPS, and otherwise – we regrouped and headed out for some wine and a snack at La Bodega in the main square. At midnight, the crowd was still lively – and would be long after we said goodnight. The apartment is lovely and comfortable – and extremely well located!

Hanging out @ Schiphol’t_IJ

Delays out of DC due to paperwork/maintenance and then a ground stop due to lightning, put us into AMS with just enough time to make our connection if only United hadn’t preemptively off-boarded us. New routing via Frankfurt with time to kill in both Schiphol and Frankfurt before reaching Dubrovnik @ 4 hours off schedule. Not bad, all things considered since we’d already written off today as travel/time adjustment/decompression.