Orange Line Wines

Stopped into Orange Line Wines ( for the first time – just opened this month – and met the owners.  They provided great suggestions for wines similar to what we’ll find in southern France next month.  We had the lovely rose with a dinner of grilled squash, potato/mushroom raclette bake, and an amazing fennel, arugula, citrus salad with an orange vinegarette..  I added shaved pecorino and marcona almonds to the salad.

Fresh Produce

We’re harvesting vegetables almost every day.  We’ve grilled a batch of pedron peppers and both kinds of squash, the beans are producing like crazy – we’ll end up with two more pounds before they’re done – and I incorporated quite a few jalapenos into a new flavor of quiche – onion, corn, spinach, jalapeno with a blend of mexican cheeses.

The tomatoes on the deck are so close to ready!  We’ve started getting small amounts of the little marble-sized, orange flavor bombs..  The chocolate cherry and early girls are about to really kick into high gear!  We see lots of fruit on the roma and heirloom plants below, but they’re quite a ways behind.

First Wine Party

Finally invited some of the neighbors and friends over for wine!  We’re working up to the open house we’ve been promising  – decided to start a little smaller and see how it would go.  Everyone had a lovely time and we all stayed up later than we should have on a work night..  Looking forward to the next!

John & Cynda, Chris & Aimee, Lee & Kathy, and Bart..

Closed on Monday’s :-(

At least 3 adults knew the plan was to go to the Oaks Bottom Park on Monday.  And we’re 0 for 3 in number of adults who bothered to look at the days of operation on the park web site.  Drat.

 Luckily when the happy wanderers returned from their sojourn to Vancouver (BC) and Seattle, they were happy to just walk down to Sellwood Park for live music (Edna Vazquez – velvety, Latin pop with folkloric roots) and a hotdog..  Enjoyed skipping some stones on the Willamette, picking blackberries on the way home, and hearing tales of the bridge project.

Silver Star Mountain

Headed out for Ed’s Trail on Silver Star Mountain in Washington Sunday morning.  The last 8-10 miles were 4-wheel drive, but otherwise fairly easy to get to.  We were promised amazing views of Mt St Helens and other peaks + load of wildflowers and this trail really delivered!  There was a steady uphill grade along the ridge lines with 2 spots that were more of a scramble/climb and then and easy wide downhill on a jeep path for the return.  Just under 5 miles round trip, almost all exposed sunlight.


Saturday Market

We did a quick tour of the Saturday Market before the family headed off to BC – just enough for some kettle corn and an unfortunate incident with a couple of butcher knives!  Oh no!!

 Paul, Jerry and I headed off to Killer Burger – where every burger comes with bacon, naturally – for a bite of lunch.  Afterwards, Jerry took the bike for a tour of the Columbia Gorge on the scenic highway and we vege’d on the deck and enjoyed the summer afternoon.

We headed to the Muddy Rudder for a stromboli repeat with plans for a hike the next day for us and Jerry headed towards the coast and then back to connect with Mara in Eugene.

A day at the beach..

Jerry, Paul, Jim, Missy, and the kids loaded up in the Kia van and headed off for a day at the beach!  Despite the cold Pacific, the kids managed to get soaked and have fun anyway..

Dinner was a pepperoni pizza and the plainest cheese bread imaginable from Pizzicato, with an assortment of leftovers and Sour Flush Plungers for the kids compliments of Jerry.  If we start to have ant problems, I know who I’m coming after!!        candy