Tryon Creek State Park

Tried out what we thought was a new park, only to realize by looking at MotionX that we’d hiked there before!  Once we looked around, the nature center and other features started to look familiar, but going in we had no idea!  It was beautiful and had lots of winding trails with ups and downs..  Good for hiking and good for Paul to do some trail running.  Even without the dramatic waterfalls, it will be a good place to take or send visitors with a range of abilities.  Plus the nature center is really nice!

Tryon Creek State Park

Afterwards, we picked up a few items at Market of Choice.  A really nice little market somewhere on the scale between Zupan’s and Trader Joe’s.  I’m sure we’ll check in periodically – especially if we happen to be in that area in a car.

We ended the day with some baking – I made a quiche and Paul made an amazing sour cherry pie from the fresh cherries off of the neighbor’s tree.  The house smelled amazing and the pie was delicious!

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