Fish and Chips

After hearing such good things on Nextdoor and from the neighbors, we finally gave Big Ben’s ( a try.  Not only was it excellent fish and chips, but quite a value too!  The only way it would have been better is if we could have gotten a pint to go with it – rather than after the fact at the Muddy Rudder.  🙂

We’re both doing a fantastic job sticking to our 10-day exercise commitment and Paul is killing the step challenge!

The weather is finally starting to settle down – looking forward to the end of the week with the highs in the 70’s again..

The 10-day Challenge is on!

Successfully completed day two of the 10-day challenge issued to myself – track all food/beverage – keep close to calorie/protein target; get my 10k steps and 15 stairs; do a more intense cardio and core workout.  Trying to focus on just the 10 days.  If that’s successful, then we’ll see what’s next!

Another hot day, but our skills at managing the cooling capability we have are improving.  Will be happy to see the end of this heat wave!

Finished the day with a crisp salad and baked chicken from the market.  Paul had picked up a new rose for us to try from Adelsheim 2015 –

I’m wilting… wilting..

Ah, the mournful cry of the lettuce left in the sun..

Day 2 of the heat wave inspired a trip to Lamps Plus for a ceiling fan (quiet, stylish, and on sale!) for our bedroom.  We’re managing to keep the upstairs reasonably comfortable and the main level only got to the upper 70s as we hit peak heat yesterday.  It’s really difficult to distribute the cool air from the window unit to the various rooms so now we’re also using the portable A/C unit, in addition to an assortment of fans.  Assuming we don’t need electricity for anything else in the house, we should be good!

Stopped in Multnomah Village on the way home for a bite to eat and found the delightful Down to Earth cafe.

A trip to Blue Kangaroo ( for coffee this morning resolved two issues – well, three if you count getting coffee, which was why we even went to begin with!  We’ve been looking for unique hooks to hang our bath robes AND have been thinking it would be nice to have a memento from the recently replaced 1925-vintage Sellwood Bridge.  Voila!  They collected rebar from the old bridge and Oaks Bottom Forge ( has fashioned it into hooks and bottle openers!  Two birds, one stone.   As an added bonus, proceeds from the sale of various bridge-related memorabilia is going to support the local middle school.  It’s art and history and charity – win, win, win!

Bonjour Provence!

SOOO excited!  Bought tickets to Marseilles today  – 10 days in Provence to explore the food, culture, and wine.  6 days in Aix-en-Provence and then a long weekend in Marseilles.  Its going to be tres magnifique!


Knowing the weather was going to be pretty unbearable from @ noon forward, we struck out early for a nice long walk by the river..  Picked up coffee from our fav Either/Or and then went to check out the progress of the deconstruction of the Sellwood Bridge – one span down!  The sun is already getting intense, but we decide to go check out the single track trail on the river side of the Springwater  trail that starts (or ends) directly across from where the rookery trail intersects with Springwater.  What we discovered is an awesome extra loop – you can either do the rookery loop – or crossover and also do the river side loop, extending the overall length from @ 3.5 miles to 5+.

Yesterday’s debate was resolved and we joined the EcoPower gym for the year – it’s on like Donkey Kong!  I issued a 10 day challenge – go to the gym 10 times between now and when we leave for the beach.  Paul countered me with MyFitness Pal – download and use the app to track food for the same period.  Challenge.  Accepted.  Fingers crossed we get results!




Whoa Nelly!  It’s gettin’ hot in herre..

Wrapped up the week with our pilates and personal training sessions, then got all dolled up for a night on the town to celebrate our 7 year anniversary!  In this scenario, “dolled” meant a skirt for me and a guayabera shirt for Paul – but this is Portland, so that qualifies as fancy dress..  Headed out for Oregon Wines on Broadway where we chatted with Donnay and enjoyed the rose flight, then took the street car north to The Bent Brick ( for dinner.  The country ham board was delish – as was everything else we ordered, though the pork loin was the ultimate winner.

Created a FB post, with what I felt was an appropriate quote from Henry Miller, to mark the occasion – because that’s how we roll in the digital age..

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.  7 years, 5 continents, 16 countries, 30 states and still so much more to see..

Challenge:  At 10 years, could we have all 7 continents, 25 countries, and all 50 states??

While today was warm, we’re really bracing for the days ahead with the temps will get up to and over 100.  Yikes!!

Just do it!

We’re struggling with the idea of joining a gym.  Again.  Luckily there are two to choose from right in our neighborhood – EcoPower (very minimalist) or SNAP Fitness.  I’m leaning towards the minimal, closer, EcoPower – I really just need the pressure of knowing I’m paying for it to make me go occasionally AND I can practically throw a rock from my front porch and hit it.  “Inconvenient location” will NOT be a valid excuse – key word being valid.  We’re getting our steps in, but need to add some weights and cardio if we’re going to blaze thru the next decade in good health!  We are in the land of Nike, guess we better “just do it”!!



How does your garden grow?

Such exciting developments in the garden!  All of the beans are sprouting – we’ll have to cull them soon – and the carrots have popped up.  Finally got a couple of sprouts from the Mitha in the front bed – whew!  We were a little concerned over the age of the seeds.  If we can keep everything watered, we should be swimming in vegetables in 4-6 weeks!  The tomato plants on the deck are flowering and stand @ 24″ tall and the pepper plants are flowering too..  It’s so fun to watch, Paul actually set up a camera to capture images 8 times a day – which we should be able to watch like a time-lapse video.  Fingers crossed the detail is clear enough to show growth over time.

The Moreland Farmer’s Market is still a bit light on actual vegetables, however we did by a couple pints on Hood strawberries and a pound of cherries – we’re not free of the grocery store yet!  The strawberries contributed to my passable Bisquick shortcake to make a tasty dinner..  That’s right.  We’re adults.  We can have strawberry shortcake for dinner if we want to..