I’m wilting… wilting..

Ah, the mournful cry of the lettuce left in the sun..

Day 2 of the heat wave inspired a trip to Lamps Plus for a ceiling fan (quiet, stylish, and on sale!) for our bedroom.  We’re managing to keep the upstairs reasonably comfortable and the main level only got to the upper 70s as we hit peak heat yesterday.  It’s really difficult to distribute the cool air from the window unit to the various rooms so now we’re also using the portable A/C unit, in addition to an assortment of fans.  Assuming we don’t need electricity for anything else in the house, we should be good!

Stopped in Multnomah Village on the way home for a bite to eat and found the delightful Down to Earth cafe.  http://www.downtoearthcafe.com/

A trip to Blue Kangaroo (http://www.bluekangaroocoffee.com/) for coffee this morning resolved two issues – well, three if you count getting coffee, which was why we even went to begin with!  We’ve been looking for unique hooks to hang our bath robes AND have been thinking it would be nice to have a memento from the recently replaced 1925-vintage Sellwood Bridge.  Voila!  They collected rebar from the old bridge and Oaks Bottom Forge (http://www.oaksbottomforge.com/) has fashioned it into hooks and bottle openers!  Two birds, one stone.   As an added bonus, proceeds from the sale of various bridge-related memorabilia is going to support the local middle school.  It’s art and history and charity – win, win, win!

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