Gardening Lesson #2

We met with Ian today and he seemed pretty pleased with our gardening efforts! He particularly liked the herbs and it was fun to know that we picked plants that he himself wanted – like the lemon verbena.  He suggested just adding a leaf or two to a glass of water for a fresh lemony taste!  All of the plants look healthy and happy + Paul’s watering system will keep them that way.  We added some new lettuces, leeks, parsley, and basil.  The leeks will take the longest, ready for harvest in late summer.  Our squash and cucumber plants are growing really fast and will need to trained to extend out of the beds so they won’t completely take over the space.

I’m happy to report we’ve both kept up our end of the 10-day challenge – we’ve been going to the gym consistently and tracking our food diligently.  Hopefully results will follow!

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