Checking out more of the local NMB fare

Decided to try our luck again with the friendly, if ADHD-afflicted, barista at Beach Dreams.  We managed to get out of there with correct orders in less than 25 min – definite improvement!!  And the coffee is sooo good!

Then we moved on to the new Eggs Up Grill for breakfast and found it a bit sterile – good enough, but definitely lacking in local flavor.  Lunch was back to our old favorite of bone-in flounder at Hoskins.  Just can’t go wrong!

Michelle rolled in @ 7:30 and we decided to walk down to the International Cafe and test their menu – all good stuff!  Crispy onion rings, fresh salad, and a made-to-order burger with some shoestring fries!

So that’s local independently-operated restaurants 3 : chain restaurants 0

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