Bonjour Provence!

SOOO excited!  Bought tickets to Marseilles today  – 10 days in Provence to explore the food, culture, and wine.  6 days in Aix-en-Provence and then a long weekend in Marseilles.  Its going to be tres magnifique!


Knowing the weather was going to be pretty unbearable from @ noon forward, we struck out early for a nice long walk by the river..  Picked up coffee from our fav Either/Or and then went to check out the progress of the deconstruction of the Sellwood Bridge – one span down!  The sun is already getting intense, but we decide to go check out the single track trail on the river side of the Springwater  trail that starts (or ends) directly across from where the rookery trail intersects with Springwater.  What we discovered is an awesome extra loop – you can either do the rookery loop – or crossover and also do the river side loop, extending the overall length from @ 3.5 miles to 5+.

Yesterday’s debate was resolved and we joined the EcoPower gym for the year – it’s on like Donkey Kong!  I issued a 10 day challenge – go to the gym 10 times between now and when we leave for the beach.  Paul countered me with MyFitness Pal – download and use the app to track food for the same period.  Challenge.  Accepted.  Fingers crossed we get results!




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