How does your garden grow?

Such exciting developments in the garden!  All of the beans are sprouting – we’ll have to cull them soon – and the carrots have popped up.  Finally got a couple of sprouts from the Mitha in the front bed – whew!  We were a little concerned over the age of the seeds.  If we can keep everything watered, we should be swimming in vegetables in 4-6 weeks!  The tomato plants on the deck are flowering and stand @ 24″ tall and the pepper plants are flowering too..  It’s so fun to watch, Paul actually set up a camera to capture images 8 times a day – which we should be able to watch like a time-lapse video.  Fingers crossed the detail is clear enough to show growth over time.

The Moreland Farmer’s Market is still a bit light on actual vegetables, however we did by a couple pints on Hood strawberries and a pound of cherries – we’re not free of the grocery store yet!  The strawberries contributed to my passable Bisquick shortcake to make a tasty dinner..  That’s right.  We’re adults.  We can have strawberry shortcake for dinner if we want to..

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