Off to Orlando

Off to an early, if slow, start.  We were all ready to go, but the airplane need another hour – and since we can’t very well fly without it, we decided to wait.  Unfortunately that made for a missed connection and longer stay in Atlanta than I would have preferred, but so it goes with air travel!  LOL!

Met the ladies at MCO and headed off to the hotel to regroup and then on over to John Robbs’ house for a lovely dinner and social hour.  Home to bed early – long day ahead!

Arghh! Putt-Putt like a pirate

After dropping Paul at the airport, Michelle and I had a fun day shopping at Target, walking the beach, hanging out at the tiki bar, and playing putt-putt at Mutiny Bay (  I started strong, but by the second half of the course, Michelle had found her game and was kicking ass!

Lunch was burgers and beer at Burgerfi – great for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Winding down beach side @ Coconuts

Enjoyed a late lunch of pizza and subs at Georgio’s.  Ready to buckle down and push through to 5 o’clock!

After a busy work day for all of us, we took a head-clearing walk up the beach about half way to the pier and then found our way back to Coconuts Tiki bar for a wind down with a cooling beverage.

Caught the tail end of the Thursday night concert with a little “Happy” and “Uptown Funk” – nice seeing the new permanent bandstand in use and the fact that they’ve disallowed golf carts in front of the stage, allowing more seating area.

Lounged and relaxed the remainder of the evening with a viewing of the classic “Jurassic Park”.


Checking out more of the local NMB fare

Decided to try our luck again with the friendly, if ADHD-afflicted, barista at Beach Dreams.  We managed to get out of there with correct orders in less than 25 min – definite improvement!!  And the coffee is sooo good!

Then we moved on to the new Eggs Up Grill for breakfast and found it a bit sterile – good enough, but definitely lacking in local flavor.  Lunch was back to our old favorite of bone-in flounder at Hoskins.  Just can’t go wrong!

Michelle rolled in @ 7:30 and we decided to walk down to the International Cafe and test their menu – all good stuff!  Crispy onion rings, fresh salad, and a made-to-order burger with some shoestring fries!

So that’s local independently-operated restaurants 3 : chain restaurants 0

Sun and Surf on Ocean Drive

Walked up to Beach Dreams for coffee and had marginally better success than the day before when we gave up and left.  It took 7 follow up questions, one completely misunderstood order, and an overcharge to get us out in @ 30 minutes.  Good thing the coffee is tasty!

After a busy work day, we enjoyed a stroll on the beach and a swim in the Atlantic.  The water was a bit rough, with a pronounced current pushing us south, but still great fun and good exercise!

Georgio’s pizza for dinner hit the spot – so nice to find green olives on the toppings list!