Toast is the most!

Kicked off our Saturday back in Woodstock at a new brunch spot, Toast (  Happy to report that it was delicious!!  Instant new fav – Paul got the Bad Ass Sandwich and I went for the pork belly in The Belly is Cast.  Soooo good and so many menu items yet to try!

From there we walked back into town and browsed around New Season’s and Ace Hardware’s surprisingly extensive garden center.  Put a pin in several items to come back for later and walked back towards Sellwood, dipping in to wander the lovely Reed College campus.  We took a stroll thru the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden (, seeing the potential, if not the actual flowers in bloom.  Note to selves – get here during peak!  The lake and garden and springs were all very lovely and peaceful.

After getting home we drove back to Woodstock where we picked up a box of miscellaneous herbs for the front bed and the fixings for our hike snacks – ham and brie wraps with dijon, arugula, and cornichon; apples and cherries.   Came home and started our various projects – Paul’s building trellis’s for the roses on the side of the house, I painted the white trim around the front door where the security gate had left holes and discoloration and then planted the herb garden.  I don’t know if it’s the sun, the dirt, or what, but everything is growing a blooming!  Fingers crossed for an awesome harvest!!

Dinner was a simple Papa Murphy’s pepperoni and green olive pizza and we prepped our hike snacks while it cooked.

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