TGIF! Memorial Weekend 2016

Started the day working hard and then treated ourselves with coffee and scones from Either/Or.  More work, then tried the Taqueria Luna food truck ( burritos for lunch – both bean/cheese and breakfast get two thumbs up!  Looking forward to getting the long weekend started!

We’re officially one step closer to some major upgrade work to the house!  Yea!

We have signed a contract for a roofer ( and we’re on the schedule for later this fall @ November.  That should give us plenty of time to explore options in re the skylight and possibly do the demo and install ourselves!  And by ourselves, I mean Paul!  🙂   Now we can go ahead and commit to the furnace/hot water heater and get on their schedule as well.

Relaxed on the deck with a lovely Melville Chardonnay, followed by a simple quiche and salad dinner.


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