Sunday hike up to Riverview Cemetery

Looked at the forecast this morning and it seemed like it might start raining @ 11, so we decided to head out and get our steps in early.  Headed to Starbucks and then across the Sellwood bridge toward Willamette Park via Zupan’s, but decided to explore the area directly across from the west end of the bridge.  It turned out to be the entrance to the Riverview Cemetary.  Based on the number of runners and cyclists we saw, we decided there wasn’t any problem just following the road up and into the cemetery.  Made for a good length hike on a paved road thru the peaceful cemetary + lots of hills to get your heart going!  We followed the marked bike path and eventually came out on Taylor’s Ferry road.  We made our way down to Zupan’s and on home..

One project we’d considered for a while is now checked off the list!  We moved the clothes racks with counter top down from my office to the space next to the washer/dryer where is will serve as a laundry station.  It fits perfectly!  We also did some cleanup and Paul pulled a lot of nails out of the joists..  The basement has sooo much potential!

While there has been some rain, its been cut with bursts of sunshine as well – so typical Portland weather.  🙂  I’m enjoying the fire and a chai while I do some travel research..  got to get that b-day trip nailed down!!

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