Saturday around town..

Added to the garden..  We had missed starting sugar snap peas from seeds in Feb, but we found some starts at a nursery and decided to put them in anyway – better late than never!  We also got some strawberry plants for the planter boxes – they say they’ll yeild until October, so that should be fun!

Went to Gramma’s Corner in Milwakie for breakfast based on pretty high Yelp review..  Hmmmm.  Not likely to do that again.  Wasn’t bad, just wasn’t anything special either – like an iHop.  Next time we’ll go with option B – “B” for Bob’s Red Mill!

Took a walk and did the loop trail around the rookery to get our steps in..  Saw where they’d added the final spans to the Sellwood bridge.  Won’t be long before they start taking down the old structure.  Stopped in the The Bottle Shop for a sip and a snack..  Enjoyed a bottle of Lady Hill Winery, Freedom Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir (2013).  Quite good and a good value @ $20!

Our neighborhood is so awesome!!

Had a crockpot of chili going most of the day which came out really well:

Onion, bell peppers, garlic, 3 cans of beans – black, pinto, kidney, small can of chilis, soyrizo (browned), box of crushed tomatos, box of beef broth.  Seasoned with cayenne, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, smoked paprika, black pepper.  Let that cook for @ 3 hrs.  Then added potatoes, tomato paste, mexican oregano, a little sugar and salt.  Similar to the recipe on Epicurious for 2-bean and vegetable chili..  Top with some cheddar and sour cream – delish!

Learning to garden

We built the beds and filled them with good quality compost a week or so ago.  Ian came for the first planting today!  We put in carrots, bush beans, fennel, peppers, tomatos, lettuces, patty pan squash, and mitha!  Some from seeds, some from starts – so excited!

We ended up with so much extra soil that we decided to build one more 4×4 bed, which will go in the front yard beside the taller 4×4 bed..  This one will be shallow and mostly for herbs + maybe onions and garlic..  We really need to plan for what we’re going to do with all of these veggies!!!

Headed out for the Portland Night Market down at Alder and 11th, but were quite surprised by what we found – a looonnngg line!  Yikes!  I thought it was just a street fair – had no idea there would be so many people.  We found a great store with vintage Stickley and mid-century modern furniture.  Then we bugged out and had a wonderful dinner at the SE Wine Collective..  So much for trying something new!  lol!