Dinner in Woodstock, eventually..

Work, awesome coffee at Either/Or (https://www.facebook.com/EitherOrCafe), more work, Asparagus Potato quiche for lunch, more work, walk over to the farmers market (pencil thin asparagus – yum! – and duck eggs for Brandi), more work..  You get the picture..

Decided to get out of the house for dinner – what to do??  Pok Pok? Food Trucks? Or…  Woodstock Wine & Deli!  Take the 19, walk in the door and…  Wah-wahhh..  They’re closing in 30 min for a private event.  We stayed long enough to peruse the wine inventory and found it acceptable – no worries, we’ll be back!  So we go wandering down Woodstock in search of our next victim – Nudi?  been there.  Dick’s Primal?  been there.  Other restaurants – look good, but nothing compelling..  Walk, walk, walk on down to the end of town and then see a review of Bridge City Pizza – bingo!  And then no-bingo – while there were stools and a small counter, this is clearly delivery.  And we’re walking..  Next stop:  Mezza.  Not what we set out for – a deli sandwich! – and not what we expected, but we said yes and it was quite delicious!  At first I was put off by the sweet/honey on the salad, but was ultimately won over.  I had the duck confit and Paul went with the lamb.  Good portions, not too overwhelming..  Tried a little French Malbec – fairly good at a reasonable price of $27.  http://mezzapdx.com/

Wandered back through Woodstock assuming we’d catch the 19 to go home, but got distracted by Cloud City ice cream..  http://www.cloudcityicecream.com/  A little much on top of a rich dinner, but what the heck!   The ice cream was as good as we’d heard with interesting flavors – minus the lines of Salt and Straw + the option of a sugar cone..

Thanks to slower bus service given the time of day, we ended up walking the 2 miles home..  Not entirely a bad thing!


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