Varanasi – the holiest city in India

We arrived Monday night @ 6:30.  The drive from the airport took over an hour. As we got close, the driver called ahead to the B&B where we would be staying and had some young guys meet us in the nearest street, as the car could only go so far.  We then followed our luggage on foot down narrow winding maze-like alleys lined with tiny shops of all kinds – food stalls, sweets/bakerys, silks, devotional items, bric-a-brac, snack shops – for quite a while dodging cows both large and small, dogs and their pups, motorcycles, bicycles, and  lots of people!

After we got settled in, we headed out for a bite to eat.  They sent someone with us to guide us to the cafe, but we would need to make our own way back.  Sounded easy enough – 5 min walk, back the way we’d gone.  Got it. Amazing how different things look when you’re not following someone and realize you didn’t exactly commit any visual cues to memory!  After over-shooting our turn, we were able to reason it out, backtrack to the B&B and went to sleep full and comfortable.

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