Over-Delhi’d it..

Wow.  New Delhi is like no where I’ve ever seen before.  The crowds, the traffic, the incessant honking honking – and did I mention honking??  Like we often do, we checked out a map, picked the nearest attraction, and set out on foot.  What an eye opener!  There were all manner of people on the streets – all ages, all income levels – including many who had nothing.   Many were living right on the sidewalks and the underpasses, cooking over charcoal fires, sleeping..

First stop The Red Fort, then the Raj Ghat – memorial where Gandhi was cremated, then the National Gandhi museum.  Then things got challenging..

The Red Fort – beautiful buildings and grounds, lots of fascinating history.  No lines to speak of when we went in, but by the time we left the queues were unbelievable!  Had we not gotten there early, we surely would have skipped this tour and that would have been unfortunate!

The fort is constructed mainly out of red sandstone, hence the name, and the intricate carvings in the stone all over the palace and the stone inlay work is beautiful.  Hard to imagine it was all done by hand 400+ years ago!


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