Weekend in Vegas

American Ninja Warrior!  yes, that is what prompted the quick weekend trip to Vegas, and it was definitely cool to see live!   We saw stage 2 of the world champions (US vs Japan vs EU) 

The weekend was also filled with good times with Fernado and Chip.   Fernando whipped up some Chili Verde that was worth the flight all by itself!  (Chip’s tortilini was also quite tasty)

Next trip, Oct 3rd weekend.  Question is, are we coming for chili verde, birthday party, wedding or all three?

Fort Stevens and Astoria

Hiked around Fort Stevens on Sunday @ 12 miles!  Spent some time down on the beach, saw the underwhelming “shipwreck”, slogged thru some grassy trails that made me sorry I’d opted for a skirt, and logged quite some miles on a pace bike path. 

The history and the bunkers were really interesting and the lake was pretty.  Had hoped to grab a quick fish and chips from Bowpickers, but with a line down the block, passed for a bite at the Rogur Ale House instead before heading home.